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Pretty russian girls! 
02:42pm 06/12/2006
  Nov. 28th, 2006 at 9:46 AM</abbr>


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Sometimes love doesnt have a happy ending 
03:13pm 13/08/2006
  okay well hi there I'm Sarah I'm 14 years old and currently dealing with my first break up.

Now this might sound werid but at frist I was very unhappy about it sad,upset,depressed all of it but now I'm happy it happened and there is a part of me that is still sad it didnt last though I no longer cry during songs which remind me of me and my ex and what used to be I just smile...

I know there may be some adults here and I know some of them might just think I'm being stupid but I really do love my ex I love her...yes I was with a girl I'm bi if your wondering please if you have something against that just keep it to yourselfs.

Me and Sawsi had an online realionship I know she was who she said she was because 1 of the way we met and 2 I saw her on the webcam a lot. ^^ She is actaully the first girl I have ever loved...its thanks to her that I know I'm bi.

She had to move with her Dad to Kuwait and since the net coats a lot of money he will only get it for her at once maybe twice a month so she dumped me even though she said she still loves me. She lived in Canada and where do I live you ask? I live in the UK.

we lasted for half a year and a month.

I would die for her in a heartbeat and now it seems like all I ever talk about is her. Like I did at first with some of my friends when me and her first started dating.

I was always there for her cheering her up. and she was always the same for me then we just fell in love...

I need some tips on how to get over her because like I always talk about her so I doubt I can do it. I talk about her 24/7 to all my online friends...I cant help it....espiecailly (sp?) when Ichigo talks about Jack blah...

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10:34pm 03/08/2006

[ If this is not allowed feel free to delete this post :) Thank you]

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08:23pm 21/02/2006
i was accepted into loveisthebest! click here!

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11:52am 29/06/2005
  Andre called and I went to his house and watched movies. We talked for 2 hours before we actually put a movie in, just sat there and talked. Then kind of brought up, us. He's been going to Lathrup since 10th and I never noticed him until Health Class junior year, didn't know he had a crush on me until this year. We were just talking about that and just kind of laugh at how fate kind of brought us together. Just by a fluke, and I'm greatful. Everyday I get up I can't believe I'm with him and what a wonderful guy he is, we love being with each other whatever time outside of work we get. It will be 2 months July 6th so yay. Can anyone make me a icon? I'll give the picture, just need a icon.

I still can't believe I'm with him, I'm beyond anything I know as happy with a guy, the best boyfriend ever in my book. I still don't know how to ask my mom to let me spend the night once at least, we fell asleep and well had to get up I couldn't stay.

Picture of my boyfriend and I
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

About me and AndreCollapse )

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09:28pm 14/06/2005
mood: annoyed
What the hell is up with all the Spam lately? I'm getting really sick of these posts that all end with the "click here to see my website". What is going on? Is there any way to get rid of them?

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08:46pm 19/05/2005
  My ex boyfriend Lee and i broke up last year at the beginning of may. Well we have remained friends and it's pretty hard because since then he has had one girlfriend and she lived in Virginia so i never had to see them together and get use to it. Now he wants to date one of my other friends Daisy and they both care about eachother a lot and it is just awkward for me because this is the first person i have seen him with and i don't think i ever got over it all the way. Mainly because for the longest time we were friends with benefits and i don't wanna lose him as a friend but it breaks my heart a little every time i see them together.  

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Hey Guys/Girls 
07:02pm 07/04/2005
Hey Girls/Guys, I just started a community and was wondering if any of you would like to join. Anyone can join so if you would like to be a part of it please go to my info page for the community, read the rules, and then click to join. As soon as you have done that a request will be sent to me and i will let you join, as simple as that.

U can come to this community about ANYTHING, so dont be shy, please join "All_Ur_Moments"

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Heartache reigns eternal.... 
09:00pm 08/03/2005
mood: crushed
He told me yesterday he would fight for me...told me he would win.
All it did was make me cry.
Here sits my best friend, my sanity and soul for the past 4 years, swearing to me that he will always be there for me, and I can't accept his help.
I wanted this for 2 years, to have him love me like this again, but why, gods why does it have to come now? Now when I'm with someone else, "till death do us part."
I need help....because without him I feel nothing, but with him my life is hell.

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10:27am 22/02/2005
  I have a Small question I "dated" Some one online ...we've known each other for a year and just recently well x-mas actually did he decide I was something he really wanted,well I told him Friday that I was not ready for everything he wanted us to do.. He wanted me to move to sc with him and Some other things, and I really did "Love" Him he was my clone every way possible, I am dating some one new now.. Is so I guess my question is why is it I still have those "Love" Feelings?  

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12:05pm 14/02/2005
mood: accomplished
well this is it..
i am giving up on you. forever.
i gave you my heart and you broke it.
you don't want anything else from me from what i can tell..
i have moved on. i am not going to hate you or love you or think of you anymore. i am not going to have anymore regrets or what if's and i am not going to waste my life wondering what happened.. here and now i am dropping this. for good.
I am sorry for all the pain i caused you and i forgive you for the pain you caused me. i know you will probably never see this.. but i am letting you know in my heart that i have moved on and i am happy.
you don't seem to care about me at all anymore.. and the fact that you still avoid me at all costs tells me that you aren't ready to grow up or even just be friends anymore. until that day comes.. i will keep on living my life as i went on before you.. cause you don't seem to see what we had was real.. and so why should i? so i am going to go on loving david forever.. and not you anymore.. i dont care if it is akward for you.. i love him.. not you. you don't care so i moved on it is that simple.. i hope someday you can grow up and more on too..
you are always in my prayers. good luck and best wishes for the future. i hope you finally make yourself happy.

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heal my broken heart 
04:23pm 11/02/2005
  i know u probably wont see this but i just have to get it out. eventhough were not together anymore i will always love you from today until the end of time lauren wilson. u are my soul mate and u mean everything to me  

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09:24pm 04/02/2005
  I just joined because I wanted to share what I'm feeling.

R and I met four years ago. I was pregnant and had just left the father. My roommate called and said "clean the house, I'm bringing home a really cute guy." I was bored and the house needed cleaning, so I did so. She walked in and behind her... was R. I knew I couldn't let them be alone, I did whatever I could to sabatoge any forming relationship. I know that was wrong, but I couldn't help the overwhelming jealousy. There was something about him, and it wasn't that he was "a really cute guy."

A few days later, he came over again, this time I was sick, I barely greeted them. He spent the night, but I was told that nothing happened, they talked all night. He's the one who woke me up that morning. He'd been told I had a doctor's appointment and he didn't want me to miss it. I had purposefully not set the alarm because I didn't want to bus across town that morning. He drove me and we found we liked the same music among other things. We brought my roommate along and the three of us spent the day together. Mostly on errands I had to get taken care of.

About a week after that, she told me that she had no interest in R, there were no sparks. I straight out told her that I was interested in him and it was a shame for her. But I left it at that. I wasn't seriously going to go after a guy that my roommate had been interested in.

But she decided to have a party. She invited him over, the only guy, and arranged things so he was near me all evening. I got comfortable, using him as a cushion and flirting all night. The next day all the girls who had been there clued him in on what my actions meant and he came over again that night. This time R spent the night with me, talking all night about the future and what we wanted. We determined that we wanted to test a relationship out, but prepared for it's ultimate doom when I had the baby, which is when he moved away.

R was there when my baby's father was not. But he moved and I had the baby and we parted ways. I didn't date anybody else. I tried, but I kept thinking "this guy is so sweet, but R would have done this..." I couldn't get past him. I was reading my journal almost a year after he left and ran across an entry about him. I looked up at my roommate and told her I was still in love with him. She just gave me a sorrowful look and told me that I had to move on. But my next entry said it was his birthday the next day. I figured I would call and find out if he went to his mother's for the big day. He had. We were back together within a week.

Six months later I moved out of state. I eventually broke up with R because I didn't want a long distance relationship, but he replied by proposing. It took me six months to accept and he followed me out six months after that. I have loved having him here, everyday is better because of him. He's made me stronger, he's made me happy. My son loves him so much and we have pictures all over showing what a happy family we've become.

But three weeks ago everything changed. R says he loves me, but we can't be together anymore. I don't understand how things changed. I don't understand why we can't work whatever problems we have out. He won't talk to me, he says it's useless, that he has issues I can't help him with. Now he's going back and I don't know where I'm supposed to go from here.

How can I love anybody else, knowing what it was to have his? How can I give my heart to another after he's had it so long? There will never be anybody else who can take his place, who can be with me as he has. I will never know love like this again and I'm not ready for him to go.

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I'm new 
09:25pm 01/01/2005
mood: Helplessly in Love
I just joined. My name is Raizel(Briar Rose), an I have a situation I need some advice on...

Let me fill you in on what is going on.

I am bi, to start with. I have been in love with the same girl for almost a year. Her and I have tried it twice, and she has ended it both times. Her and I are more than just ex's, her and I are best friends, and I am her confident, and she is the one person I have been able to talk to about a lot of things. She knows I am still in love with her, and she loves me as well.

The problem is that she doesn't want a relationship now, she wants to be able to fool around with random people and not have to worry about it. The other part of the problem is that she loves a guy as well. Someone she loves just as much as me. I don't know who she will choose. I have no inkling at all, and I find myself wanting her more than ever.

Last night, her and I were partying for new years, and I ended up drinking too much, partly because I wanted to make a move on her, but I didn't want to do anything if we were both drunk, or something that might mess up our friendship as it is. The point is, I drank more so than I should have, and she ended up taking care of me. She cuddle with me, and kissed me on the cheek, and just sat there with me.

I want her so bad, her and I are not doing so well, because I will be leaving for a week for LA, California. There is a big acting thing going on there, and this could be my chance to get into movies and things I want.

Then yet again, I am not so sure I want them anymore. One of the few things I have ever really wanted, and I am questioning it now, because I would have to leave her for more than a few weeks, maybe even up to a year. I don't even want to imagine not being able to see her for so long, and I don't want to imagine what would happen to her if her if she didn't have me to talk to.

I want to be able to act, very badly, but I don't want to have to leave her... I seriously don't think I need more than her...

I desperately need some advice...

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08:26pm 16/12/2004
mood: confused
well this is really hard for me to get out.. everything in my life seems to have gone down hill since about a month ago.. i'm new at this community thing.. so.. forgive me if i don't know how to do something correctly..

well it was kinda an odd matching.. me and him.. he was the quiet kid in class that wouldn't talk to anyone and always seemed depressed... i was the outgoing but reserved girl who seemed to have the oddest problems or ideas.. we met in our Gym and Spanish class of freshman year and slowly we became friends. I actually became good friends with him while trying to set him up with another girl that would never give him the time of day.. but i was always hopeful for him. Soon i relized he probably liked me but we were just so crazy that i didn't think we could ever work out.. besides, he was my best friend so i didn't want to risk losing him forever... so i ended up in a different relationship with someone else and i broke his heart. When that relationship ended less than a month in, he was really depressed about a lot of things.. mainly me i think.. so i just tried to be there for him and remain friends.. we were such great friends.. we could beat the living hell outta each other and laugh about it for weeks on end... i wanted to be in a serious relationship, and he wanted a first girlfriend.. i wanted a "REAL BOYFRIEND", someone who would hug and kiss me and hold me.. not the little elementary things like before.. and i unfortunately doubted that he would be able to do that because he was so shy.. but for about a month i toiled with the decision to go out with him or tell him off.. some of my friends were apalled.. some were urging me to take the risk.. and some didn't really care and told me it was my descision.. well.. needless to say i let my guard down and i went out with him. At first it was cute and normal .. although we got farther in one week than ANY of my past relationships prior to that.. so i was thrilled. i knew i made the right descision. Within two weeks we were into the horniness and it all.. we hadn't even kissed yet either! well when we did kiss.. it was so perfect... it was my first and his too.. we were on a school bus after doing a fundraiser and it was almost midnight or so and we were cuddling and finally he kissed the end of my nose and then we kissed... it was so beautiful in every way.. i'll never forget it.. so things went great with us for about 2 months.. we got into petting and that and i was so deeply in love with him.. once when we were kissing.. i started to cry because i was so afraid of losing him.. i trembled all over.. but he constantly assured me he would never leave me and whenever i would say "boy, you are gonna get so sick of me!!" he would ALWAYS assure me about how much he loved me and could never leave me. Things were so perfect with him.. he was everything i could ever ask for.. i loved him so much it hurt... he was all i cared about.. nothing else could break my spirit as long as he was there smiling at me.. people used to say we were connected at the hip because we were always together.. we were best friends.. that's the truth.. but all of a sudden.. things went downhill.. i don't know why or what happened to him but all of a sudden i could sense a huge change.. he wasn't MY boyfriend.. i told him through poems and letters and everything but he just said he was "tired" and he stopped being interesting and fun.. he just moped around all the time saying how incredibly tired he was... i thought he was ill or something but he was healthy as an ox. So for about 1 to 2 weeks i just kept asking him what was wrong and people started to tell me that i was "obsessing" over him and i needed to back off. so when i told him that i was going to back off he broke up with me. He said i was too "dependant" on him.. i couldn't understand anything.. i completely lost it.. i couldn't look at him and even the sound of his voice made me want to die.. no one understood.. everything just went crazy.. all i ever knew for the past year was completely gone.. i stopped eating lunch cause i knew he would be there... i went to my school's chapel to cry and sometimes i would cry so hard i would shake uncontrollably all over.. "he was my best friend?? how could he do this to me??" i would ask.. everyone just kept saying.."oh he is a jerk. forget him" but i just couldn't.. this was not him.. i kept hearing rumors that he was calling me "clingy" and "bitchy" and that pissed me off.. i heard rumors all the time.. it was my living hell. i couldn't escape anything.. nothing made me laugh or smile or anything.. i just wanted to rot in piece. after a week or 2 my friends stopped worrying about me as much and got on with their lives and relationships and so i just pretended to be happy and i would joke and try to be like before.. even though i could feel a huge piercing dagger in my heart and everytime he passed i could feel it twist harder and harder. For 3 whole weeks we didn't talk to each other.. it was agony. i did weird things to myself.. i wrote lyrics on my wrist to prevent me from cutting them and i wrote the word "broken" over my heart with a sharpie ( i had to retrace it like everday to make it stay). i went completely insane. Finally 3 weeks later i went over to him at lunch.. because now he didn't sit at my table anymore and he sat alone... he had become this recluse that was completely alone - he wouldn't talk to anyone who didn't talk to him... anyways.. i went to his table and i asked him if i could talk to him afterschool and he looked at me and said "yeah sure. Are you mad at me?" and we went from there.. so i tried to get answers out of him but all i ended up getting out of him was that a) he regreted breaking up with me b)he still had feelings for me c) he didn't know why he broke up with me cause he thought his reasoning was stupid.. so ever since then i have been trying to become friends with him.. he just is so secluded and withdrawlin into himself that whenever i talk to him i get short answers and little conversations about nothing.. It breaks my heart to see him like this. i want more than anything to be with him again so he can be happy.. and so i can be happy.. i miss him so much.. i don't know why i am torchuring myself like this but i miss him so much.. i don't know if i should just give up on him or if i should not loose hope.. we were so close.. and now it is like i don't even know him anymore..
any advice would be so incredibly helpful.. i am so lost and hurt.. i feel like i have lost my one-true-meant-to-be love.. and i know people say i probably am too young to know what real love is but i do know what real heart ache is.. i feel it everyday.

I don't know how long i can go on breathing on a broken heart.

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11:33pm 13/12/2004
  My Only Love,

I'm sorry I have not written. It was not because I forgot, or was too busy, but simply because my pain was too great and I couldn't bring myself to sit down and write.

Two weeks ago was the anniversary of the day we first met, when you literally walked into my life. How could I have known then how my life would change? How, because of you and your love, I’d never be the same again? And how, since losing you, I’d never love the same again.

I went on a date this weekend. The only reason I even went is because your mother set me up with someone from her work. But I didn’t have a good time. How could I? I spent the whole time comparing him to how you were. The way you laughed at me, or touched my hand. The way you smiled mischievously. How could anyone ever compare to you?

Yours forever,

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Help me please. 
10:12pm 07/12/2004
mood: sad

A few months ago Well, Actually around January this year , I started talking to this guy I met off of live journal online He lives In ga And I live in fl, Well at first we where just friends and talk on occasion when we could, After a month or so of this we began to notice that we had a lot of similar interest, We talked on phone over the summer all the time, It had came down to the fact we both liked each other very much, Even loved each other, He was supposed to come down this oct to see me however, Beginning of the school year he met a new chick and decided to be with her, I eventually found some one new as well all this lasted till this month, When we both became single again he even asked me If I would take him back I said yes, And for the past week or so we have talked every night he even went to saying "Love ya" At the end of the conversation,Also This weekend he left a message on My aim saying that he loved me, However I called him Sunday and he could not talk He also did not say love ya, and that he would call me monday, But he did not, and has not call me tonight either, I am lost as to if he is just busy or if there is something else I need a second opinion...... Please help me!!!.

-Accidental xx.

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12:08am 17/11/2004
mood: hopeful
Desperate cry for helpCollapse )

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here's getting over you... or not 
03:08am 16/11/2004
mood: melancholy
Definately need advice on getting over someone.
My first love. My first everything.
It was 2 years ago, and it only lasted 3 months, yet I have never felt so attached to anyone.
There are no bad feelings about it, we were friends & stayed in contact as long as we could, now we don't. But every now and then I stumble across him, and it pulls my heart out.
I just don't know what to do. Theres little chance of us getting back together, although there is still a chance, which gets me hoping.. And my heart knows there is a chance, however small, and it relies on that.
I don't want my whole life to be waiting for something to happen, I want to be free of all this, and I thought I was until I stumbled across him last week. And its the same feelings, as strong as ever.
I'm not sure whats left to try, any suggestions?

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torment of my soul 
10:19pm 12/11/2004
mood: empty
My dearest one,

thanks to you, i know what it is to love... to love someone with all your being, so that you can't imagine ever being without them; to know love that transcends everything i had ever imagined possible for myself. you've changed me so that i'll never be the same person again... i like to call it "Great Love". i love you a trillion times more than i love any other. you have become more myself than i am...

but as i type this, tears are spilling down my face and my heart is in anguish. i think about you, my love, and about losing you, and i am suffering. so much so that i don't know how to describe it...

i am conflicted. i almost feel as though it is better to lose you now, before a family and shared griefs that bring strengthened bonds, before a life together. for i think my distress now is nothing to the loss i'd feel then, as though losing you now saves me from inevitable pain, sorrow, and emptiness. it gives me a chance to move on...

or will it leave me living am empty life? can i ever experience true joy again, knowing what i gave up? even if i devot my life to charitable service or someone i do not love with "Great Love"? could one find fulfillment in a life like that, holding inside themselves what they gave up? will i constantly live in the past, looking back on it with regret? that is the one way i want to die- without any regret.

so now it comes to this: love you and lose you, and live plagued by the past? or love you and live, and lose myself in the end? it's an enigma. either way, there is ambiguity. either way, a part of me has died.

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